Faith Development

Deepening our faith and building a closer relationship with our loving God, is an important part of being a Catholic and personal prayer will always be essential to that.

At St Gregory’s there is the option of Children’s Liturgy to help children in the parish,  a series of CAFE (Catholic Faith Exploration) courses for adults, and a Bible Study Group (see Parish Groups).

There is also guidance on how to return to faith, and for those who want to become a Catholic there is specific instruction in the form of the RCIA Course (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults).

Father Alex and the  Catechetical Team will also be able to recommend reading matter and any other support.

Follow the links below to find out more about our different groups:

  • Children’s Liturgy Group link
  • CaFE is Catholic Faith Exploration  link
  • How to come back to the Church link
  • How to become a Catholic link

The Works of St Thomas Aquinas
How to link his works to our modern day social and political problems. This covers social justice issues; Just War scenarios; strengthening our arguments for God’s existence; a model for counselling ourselves and others and a lot more….link