Rosary Group

Every Tuesday after Mass the Rosary is said for peace, especially for Peace in the Middle East and the Holy Land.
A group has forms to create a ring, to ensure the rosary is said in the parish, every day for the above intention. Each member of the group takes it in turn to recite the rosary every day for a week, and includes the prayer for peace at the end.
If anyone would like to join us any Tuesday to say the Rosary, or to join the Rosary Ring, you would be most welcome.
Next to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Rosary is the most powerful prayer.
“The Rosary is such a tremendous powerful weapon against Satan, that armed with the rosary in our hearts, and the beads in our hands, we can even stop wars.”


God of Love and Justice, You call upon your people
to care for one another and to respect our  differences.
Send your Spirit of wisdom and peace upon the peoples
of Iraq, Syria  and the Holy Land.
Lift up Christians and other religious minorities
suffering persecution there that they may know the support
of your love and your people throughout the world.
Help us all to work to together to bring an end to the violence and
a renewed acceptance with true justice into the homelands of
many who have lost their homes or loved ones.
May your will reign on earth and your compassion become our mainstay of life.
we ask this in union with our Blessed Mother, Queen of Peace and
in the name of the Author of Peace and all that is good,
your Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ.


During the months of May and October the Rosary is said after each weekday Mass.