Catholic Women’s League


The Catholic Women’s League was founded by Margaret Fletcher in 1906. An Anglican Clergyman’s daughter, she was educated in Oxford and at the Slade School of Art in Chelsea. Through talking to students of many nationalities there, her international perspective for the League was born. She became a Catholic in 1897, and began a campaign to improve secondary education of Catholic girls.

After eight years writing the THE CRUCIBLE, a quarterly aimed at attracting the interest and support of schools and teachers, she and seventy like-minded women elected the first League committee with Margaret as President.

Their aim was to promote the intellectual and religious interests of women, involving them in the social and charitable activities of parish life. The CWL is now a national and a world-wide organisation of over five million members, with St Margaret Clitherow as its patron. It offers opportunities to train as catechists and counsellors, to serve as organisers of relief to refugees, and in many and varied charitable activities at both local and national levels. Its members serve on national Societies and public Bodies representing the job interests of Catholic women, their principle and moral view points. It also has an important role to play in the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations, of which it is a founder member.

St Gregory’s CWL Section was founded on November 2nd 1959. It became a thriving group, providing loyal support to the parish clergy and becoming enthusiastic fund-raisers. In the past funds were raised for the Myton Hospice and since 2000, the League continues to raise funds for the Shakespeare Hospice. The group seeks to support local as well as national and international charities.

League members also serve the Church by writing to their MP’s or the press on human rights and other moral and social issues, for example, the right to life and euthanasia or unjust imprisonment. The League always needs new members who will ensure that the caring, serving presence and good fellowship will continue in St Gregory’s parish.

Meetings usually take place on the first Wednesday of every month except August. Information on these is published in the church bulletin. This is also available to view on the website. The meetings take place in the Parish Room at 2.00pm and refreshments are provided.

On occasions there are speakers; Funds are often raised with Quizzes and raffles.

For more information contact the Parish Office 01789 292439 or

The Margaret Fletcher Centre,
Plater College,
Pullens Lane,
Oxford OX3 0DT

Tel: 01865 741484