Mass Times

St Gregory the Great

Saturday 15th June: 5.30pm Mass

Sunday 16th June: 11.15 am Mass.  1.00pm Polish Mass.

Our Lady of Peace

Sunday 16th June:  9.30am Family Mass

Weekday Masses at St Gregory the Great

Monday 17th June: 9.30am Communion Service

Tuesday 18th June: 11.30am Funeral/Requiem Mass for Ted Martyn.

Wednesday 19th June:  2.00pm Funeral/Requiem Mass for Margaret Somers

Thursday 20th June :  9.30am Mass.  7-8pm Exposition

Friday 21st June:  9.30am  Mass

Saturday 22nd June:  5.30pm Mass

Sunday 23rd June: 11.15 Mass

CONFESSIONS SATURDAY 10.30am – 11.30am

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