How to come back to the Church

Returning to Church can often be a very daunting step to take whether you have been away for a short while or for many years. Rest assured that you will be very warmly welcomed whether it be at St Gregory’s or a Catholic Church somewhere else and by priests and the  lay community alike. Whatever the reason why you stayed away and whatever has made you want to come back, Jesus will be waiting for you. He will be at your side throughout this period as a help and guide. It will be in your own time and at your own pace.

Some suggestions on how to come back to church.

Come to Mass. Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what practical steps to take at first but a good starting point will be to go to Mass, even if you are still unsure as to how you feel. It won’t matter if you have forgotten some of the responses or can’t remember when you stand or sit – just follow the parish community!

Visit church. Come to St Gregory’s at a time when there is no service when you will be able to spend some quiet moments with the Lord on your own and enjoy the peace of the surroundings. This can help clarify your thoughts and feelings.

Pray. Talk to God and ask for guidance in your life at this time and for the help you need as you try to rediscover and  to grow your faith.

Talk to the Priest. Sooner or later you will want to talk to a priest. After a Mass will be a good time to introduce yourself briefly and then ring later to make an appointment to see him.

Talk to Catholic friends, colleagues or acquaintances.