Catholic Faith Exploration

What does CaFE stand for?

CaFE stands for Catholic Faith Exploration

Why CaFE?

Many Catholics today are keen to know more about their faith, particularly if it helps them in their everyday lives, in their families, relationships, work places, schools or colleges.  People are also hungry, for community, for a place where they can share their faith, their fears, their hopes, and learn more about the richness of their Catholic faith together.  When Catholics become excited about their faith, they become keen to share the Good News with the people around them.

What is CaFE?

CaFE is a flexible process designed to create:

Discipleship – helping Catholics to get more enthusiastic about their faith in Jesus Christ.

Community – creating and nourishing small groups where people can share and grow together.

Evangelisation – empowering Catholics to make more of a difference in the world around them.

How does CaFE work?

CaFE begins by using videos, which are professionally made, enjoyable and stimulate discussion.  Hospitality and welcome are at the very heart of café with the venue set up in a café style, tablecloths, flowers, food and a glass of wine being served during the evening.  Everyone is welcomed as if they are special guests coming to a party, sitting around the café style tables to chat, watch the video, drink and eat together in a natural and friendly way.

What people say about CaFE

“I understand my faith much better, now I can explain it to others.”
“It has given me a new enthusiasm for Scripture. It was fantastic.”

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