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Information which you will need to know before getting married in a Catholic Church

To ensure that there is enough time to complete the preparations for marriage you will need to give about 12months notice prior to getting married. Preparations include;

Meetings with the priest who will marry you, who will want to get to know you and to talk about the meaning and importance of marriage.

Attendance at a Marriage Preparation Course.

These are run at certain times of year in the parish.

The Civil and Church Paperwork.

You will need to advise the registrar in the place where each of you lives that you intend to marry. This needs to be done six months before the date of the wedding.


At least one of you must be a baptised Catholic. The priest will need to have your certificates of Baptism. For Catholics a copy will need to be taken from the register of the Church where you were baptised. This needs to be available six months prior to the date of the wedding. If one of you has not been baptised in a Christian church a dispensation from the Archdiocese will be necessary.

Freedom to Marry

You cannot be married in a Catholic Church if either of you has been married before, unless the marriage has been annulled by an ecclesiastical tribunal. This rule includes marriages that have taken place in register offices or in non-catholic churches. (For a Catholic married in a non-catholic service a declaration of nullity may be possible).

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