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Faith Development

Deepening our faith and building a closer relationship with God, is an important part of being a Catholic and personal prayer will always be essential to that.

At St Gregory’s there is additional support with this for children and adults, for those who are interested in becoming a catholic, and for those who wish to come back to church. Father and the catechetical team will also be able to advise and support.

Follow these links below to find out more about our different groups:

The Works of St Thomas Aquinas
How to link his works to our modern day social and political problems. This covers social justice issues; Just War scenarios; strengthening our arguments for God's existence; a model for counselling ourselves and others and a lot more....
For information please contact Tom Baxter: 01789 298178,,



Mass Times

9th/10th December 2017 Second Sunday of Advent (year B)

 St Gregory's

Saturday Vigil Mass: 5.30pm

Sunday Mass 8.15am: (This Mass is temporarily suspended)

Solemn High Mass :11.15am. 
Polish Mass: 1.00pm

Our Lady of Peace

Sunday Mass 9.30am

Weekday Masses

Monday 11th December: Communion Service 9.30am

Tuesday 12th: December: Mass 9.30am

Wednesday 13th December: Mass 9.30am

Thursday 14th December: Mass 9.30am:  

Friday 15th December: Confirmations Mass 7.00pm


Confessions 10.30-11 am  Saturday 16th December

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